Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

About Us

We are people like you. We represent whole Nepal where almost everyone is studying or trying to study. Even rich silly brat who postpones everyday saying “bholi padhchu” or the village girl who is sad about her books not being able to reach on time. The enthusiastic guitarist who probably just want to get done with studies and also the girl who is trying day and night to study but seriously nothing is going in her head. Trust us when we say that we are here to help you. We have visited different parts of Nepal and we see people eager to study but don’t get to go school and even been in the city area where you want to study but can’t help it; thanks to time management, procrastination, and social media.
But guys,
Procrastination is a crime.
We really can’t help time management.
And deactivating social media works(probably)
but our concentration is really still not there in studying.
And believe us we faced the same and we do even now. So we are here with something for you all- #padhnusajilochha. Let’s divide and work, we do 50-50- and the rest is your part.
KapiKitab is an interactive guide for students to study for their exams with the necessary resources, questions, and notes right by their side. It is an online knowledge-sharing platform that helps you with all kinds of news, blogs or any other update a youth of today needs. is owned by parent company Navya IT Pvt. Ltd. which focuses basically for making a dynamic and innovative environment for all the youths of Naya Nepal.