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Kamala Harris shares an affectionate relationship with her step children.Kamala Harris shares an affectionate relationship with her step children.

Kamala Harris who is making news for all the right reasons by her policies and initiatives as standing on the presidential campaign from the Democratic side in 2020 has lived a quiet private life before she came into limelight.

Kamala Harris who was born to Indian mother Shyama Gopalan and Jamaican father Donald Harris has another sibling Maya Harris. This is all that her family is comprised of along with her husband Douglas Emhoff and his two children.

Kamala Harris is married to her husband Douglas Emhoff and although the couple does not have any children together; Kamala Harris has two children from her husband Douglas’s first marriage with Kerstin Emhoff.

Douglas Emhoff and Kerstin Emhoff

Douglas Emhogg was previously married to Kerstin Emhoff. However, the couple separated after having two children Cole Emhoff and Ella Emhoff. Kerstin Emhoff is the president and co-founder of a production company called PrettyBird.

In fact, Kamala Harris is supported by Douglas’s first wife Kerstin and is often seen tweeting in support of Kamala Harris.

Douglas Emhoff Kamala Harris children

Emhoff’s son, Cole Emhoff, graduated from Colorado College is working as an assistant at William Morris Endeavor, while younger daughter Ella studies at Parsons School of Design as a freshman. Both Cole and Ella share a wonderful relationship with Kamala and affectionately call their stepmother “S-Mamala.”

In an interview with Good Morning America, Kamala Harris mentioned that her goal was to do more Sunday family dinner with her family.

Who is Douglas Emhoff?

Douglas Emhoff, was the managing Westcoast director at Venable LLP since 2006, according to his LinkedIn page. In early 2017, he took the bar in Washington D.C and was sworn in on March 10 of the same year. Currently, Douglas serves as a litigator and partner at DLA Piper Law Firm, where he works out of both their California and D.C. offices with a speciality in entertainment and intellectual property law.


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