SEE Exams Compulsory Math Questions 2074 with marking scheme

This is the Compulsory Maths subject model set that was prepared by the Curriculum Development Committee.  They are the ones who are responsible for deciding the questions and anything related to SEE Exams 2074 which was formerly known as School Leaving Certificate (SLC).

The Maths model questions have the answers as well. Along with that we also have attached the marking scheme so you understand how to solve the types of question asked and how much marks they carry. Students can be assured that the question will come in this pattern and they can practice questions like these which we will also be uploading more.

If you need revision notes for any other subject you are having a problem you can check our revision section.  And if you still don’t find the note for the particular subject or chapter you can ask request for note.

We will try to help you during your SEE Exams.

You can also find the curriculum/syllabus of SEE exams 2075 Compulsory Maths in this link.

The particular scan was taken from Neema Pustak Prakashan. We are just trying to save the cost of Nepalese students and make them feel #PadhnaSajiloChha.

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