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Here are some tips to study well for SEE Exams 2075 and score good grades.Here are some tips to study well for SEE Exams 2075 and score good grades.

The exam of class 8 in Nepal is called the District Level Examination(DLE). It is also known as Basic Level Examination(BLE) nowadays. The children around the age of 13-14 years are the ones who generally appear for District Level Exams(DLE). However, there is no age restriction. So it is pretty clear everyone that DLE, BLE, and Class 8 final exams are the same things. So stop stressing over what the other is.

This final exam is known as जिल्ला स्तरीय परिक्षा in Nepal. It is coordinated by the district education offices of the Nepalese government. This is basically the final level exams for the students of class 8 in Nepal.

KapiKitab has compiled revision notes of different subjects for the students to make it easy while studying for their exams.

Along with that, it also has model revision questions.

The compulsory subjects in this exams are:

  • Nepali
  • English
  • Science and Environment
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies and Population Education
  • Occupation, Business and Technology Education
  • Moral Education
  • Health and Physical Education

However, there are two option subjects that the student can choose among the ones mentioned below.

  • Sanskrit
  • Extra English and another language
  • Computer Education
  • Geography and History Education
  • Extra Mathematics
  • Business Education
  • Technology Education
  • Office Practice and Accountancy

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