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Arthur Gunn aka Dibesh Pokharel is a participant from Nepal who is a contestant at American idol Season 18.

Arthur Gunn who is also known as Dibesh Pokharel has become an overnight start on the internet. The American Idol Season 18 which premiered its first episode yesterday had a lot of contestants singing their favourite band songs but one of them who stood out was Dibesh pokharel aka Arthur Gunn.

Dibesh Pokharel aka Arthur Gunn is a true Nepali at heart who is in love with his country.
Dibesh Pokharel aka Arthur Gunn is a true Nepali at heart who is in love with his country.

Dibesh who is originally born in Kathmandu moved to Wichita, Kansas for studying abroad. He went on to introduce himself in front of the judges, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie”My name is Dibesh Pokharel, and I go by the stage name called Arthur Gunn. And I was born in Nepal, Kathmandu,”.

Dibesh added he followed his sisters to Wichita, where they were attending school, and that his parents then followed, too.

He sang all the time as a child in Nepal, he said, but for a long time, he thought of it as just a hobby. He began to take it seriously the year before he came to Wichita.

In fact while back in Nepal he sang sometimes in clubs and coffee houses but mostly in friends gatherings. His facebook profile is full of performances that he has given in well known cafes of Nepal.

Along with a Youtube channel, Dibesh is also on Spotify streams with a song Nyano Ghar from the “Grahan” album with about 6,000 streams.

After leaving the judges stunned in the audition, lots of people have speculated that Arthur Gunn aka Dibesh won’t be getting eliminated anytime soon. In fact, Bryan even wanted Arthur Gunn to open for his concept in Detroit, Michigan which is happening after two weeks.

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